Our Pledge to the Community

Investing in communities

As part of Tyne’s commitment to supporting vulnerable people within the region, we invest in people, projects, and places – making our region a better place for all.

At Tyne, we pledge to always:

Be a Benefit to the Local Economy

We will work closely with our communities – supporting residents to access employment, recruiting locally, prioritising local businesses, and continuing to create a positive impact on local economies.


Care for our Communities

We believe that our communities are at the heart of what makes the North East so great, and we will continue to do our part in keeping those communities safe.

Support Vulnerable People

People are at the centre of the work we do. We will continue to work hand in hand with both our residents and partners to help people get to a better place.

Maintain High Environmental and Property Standards

We will continue to hold ourselves to high environmental and property standards, including monthly quality checks, reducing our carbon footprint, and investing in our properties.

Being a Benefit to the Local Economy

We will:

  • Recruit staff by advertising and interviewing locally
  • Provide exceptional training to our staff and volunteers
  • Prioritise working with North East based contractors and spending in local shops and businesses
  • Support residents to play an active role in their communities, through engagement with work, training, and volunteer opportunities
In 21/22, over 92% of our salary bill was paid to people who live in the areas where we work

Caring for our Communities

We will:

  • Support residents to sustain accommodation and connect with their local community
  • We will forge close links with local services to support the communities we work in
  • Provide a 24/7 freephone number for residents and neighbours to report concerns
  • Provide a quick and professional response to complaints should they arise
  • Install CCTV in our properties to support safer communities
  • Work closely with local authorities in our planning

Supporting Vulnerable People

We will:

  • Work hand-in-hand with our residents to best deliver our Model of Support
  • Ensure each resident is linked with a designated support worker
  • Ensure safeguarding people is our top priority
  • Provide a bespoke person-centred approach, connecting residents with support and opportunities within their communities
  • Listen to residents’ feedback on our services and make changes based on their experiences

Maintaining High Property and Environmental Standards

We will:

  • Reduce our carbon footprint through investment in properties, vehicle use, and energy use. 
  • Operate a 24/7 repair service
  • Perform quality checks on our internal and external property and safety standards every 4 weeks at least
  • Work with residents and staff to increase recycling rates in our properties and offices
  • Work with local volunteers to undertake litter picks, creating cleaner communities
  • Support residents to maintain property standards within the local community