Tyne Stories

Tyne Stories: Paddy's Story

Our first Tyne story is one of 60-year-old Paddy, who recently moved into a Tyne property after being homeless on and off for over fifty years.

"I started sleeping out on the streets from when I was six because of troubles at home. Nobody did nothing about it really, it was different back then."

Paddy, Tyne Resident

Tyne Stories: Dan's Story

Dan was able to move into this new flat thanks to our recently launched move-on programme, which is funded by Homes England. The aim of the programme is to help those who are currently living in emergency or supported accommodation move forward to independent living.

"When my mam died I was 23, she has always been my rock and that was just the worst thing that could have happened. I started partying and drinking a lot which led to me ending up on the streets."

Dan, Tyne Resident