Mosaic brings life and community spirit to outdoor space

At Tyne Housing, we’re always looking at ways we can make our workplace healthier and happier for colleagues and visitors, and we’re pleased to share a fantastic project that has brightened up the outdoor space at our Wilfred Street office.

Local artist Meetra recently collaborated with us as part of our Better Health at Work initiative to create this stunning mosaic that not only adds colour and life to the outdoor space but also serves as a symbol of community and creativity.

Meetra, known for her paintings and collages, has helped the team transform a once dull wall into an eye-catching artwork. The mosaic features an array of colours using old ceramic tiles and pottery and represents a rich tapestry of hope, nature and new beginnings.

The project was a collaborative effort, involving not only Meetra but also Mark Fox and David Gross from the Tyne Housing Progression Team, as well as residents who contributed ideas and participated in the creation process.

The finished piece is more than just a visually appealing artwork; it serves as a beacon of hope and a reminder of the resilience and optimism within the work we do here at Tyne.

David Gross, skills project worker at Tyne, said: “It was great to work with Meetra on this beautiful mosaic and see it installed for everyone to enjoy.

“As part of Tyne’s Better Health at Work projects, the disused roof space at Wilfred Street was renovated earlier this year to create a decked roof garden for staff to use. We first created wooden furniture in Tyne’s wood workshop which allowed staff to enjoy their lunch outdoors, and now with the addition of the mosaic, the area has transformed into a vibrant space.”

Tyne currently holds the Better Health at Work Continuing Excellence award, which means we have been recognised for our sustained progress in promoting health and wellbeing within our workplace and the wider community.

We are currently being assessed for Maintaining Excellence, which is achieved by being engaged with the Award long enough to have achieved Bronze, Silver, Gold and Continuing Excellence awards.

Find out more about the Better Health at Work Award here: