Local organisations join forces to launch an all-new region-wide employability programme.

Eleven regional housing associations have come together to develop an innovative new employment programme aiming to provide a more joined-up approach to support people of the North East back into work, training and education. 

Tyne Housing is proud to be supporting this work on behalf of the partnership. Following initial scoping and development, the partners have committed funds to support the project into its next phase of realisation and we’re currently seeking to recruit a suitably experienced and skilled consultant/organisation work through the regional steering group with a specific remit to fully develop the project to implementation stage, creating a ’delivery ready’ scheme.

The North East’s social housing sector is a key player in the region’s economy, providing direct employment for nearly 9000 people, housing over 360,000 people and committed to investing £1 billion into the region’s housing infrastructure in the next three years. Inspired by other highly successful programmes across the UK, we aim to create a regional employability hub that provides a conduit between local employers and the potential workforce of tenants, residents and communities. 

11 of the region’s housing associations and stakeholders from DWP, Local Economic Partnerships and Combined Authorities, together with National Federation of Housing have come together with the aim of creating a new regional approach that will connect tenants and residents to the employment, training and learning opportunities this creates.

Full details, timescales and budget outlines can be found in the brief which is downloadable here

Proposals should be submitted by email to louise.wilson@tynehousing.org.uk. by 5 pm on 28 February 2021.

Any questions or queries should be sent to Louise Wilson, Head of Business Development at Tyne Housing at louise.wilson@tynehousing.org.uk