Tyne Housing Wins Gold for Workplace Health and Wellbeing

Tyne Housing has struck gold with a Better Health at Work Award, recognising its commitment to making its workplace healthier for colleagues and visitors. 

The award recognises the efforts and achievements of employers in the North East and Cumbria that are addressing health issues within the workplace by taking steps to encourage a healthy workforce.  

With five levels to the award – Bronze, Silver, Gold, Continuing Excellence and Maintaining Excellence – Tyne has achieved Gold, which means it has a firm foundation to build a healthier workplace, takes a more holistic view and looks outside of the organisation to promote health within the wider community.  

The health and wellbeing of Tyne employees and visitors is at the core of the organisations culture, with a dedicated Better Health at Work Group to lead on initiatives and monitor progress. Some of the initiatives that Tyne has supported over the last year include football sessions, free fruit in the workplace, team quizzes and its Employee Assistance Programme, which provides all staff with 24/7 confidential access to counselling and advice.  

Louise Wilson, Head of Business Development at Tyne, said: “We’re thrilled to have received the Gold Better at Health Award and we have no plans to stop there. We aim to achieve the ‘Continuing Excellence’ Award next. 

“The last year brought its challenges with the pandemic, but that hasn’t stopped us from delivering on some great initiatives through our Better Health at Work programme. We’ve carried on providing free fruit to our teams. Our Employee Assistance Programme has continued and we’ve just agreed to run it for another year so we’ll all benefit in 2022/23. We’ve had some great feedback from people who’ve used it too, who say they have found it really helpful.  

“From our football sessions and quizzes to keep us in high spirits, as well as our Easter egg and Photography competitions, this is all carried out by our staff who have volunteered to carve out time in their days to make our workplace healthier.


To find out more about the Better Health at Work Awards, visit: https://www.betterhealthatworkaward.org.uk/