Supported Housing


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Since 1973 we’ve been providing supported housing to vulnerable adults across the region. We have over 360 bed-spaces made up of shared houses, specialist supported provisions, smaller shared flats and self-contained flats. Our housing model is always designed to focus on the individual’s own personal needs, meeting them where they are, building a trusting relationship and working together in partnership to get to a better place.


Our supported housing residents

The majority of people who live with us at Tyne have experienced complex issues in their lives and often come to us after being excluded from other housing options due to their lifestyle, offending history or difficulties in managing finances. Most residents have experienced periods of homelessness or unstable housing and struggle with multiple social and health issues relating to addiction and mental wellbeing.

Over one-quarter of the people that live with us have an offending background or have been in prison. A snapshot taken on 31 March 2019 showed us that the primary presenting problems for supported housing residents were mainly struggles with their mental health (35%) or difficulty with drug or alcohol misuse (28%).

A Partnership Approach

During 2018/19 we received 851 referrals in total. 92% of these were through the local authorities that we work in partnership with across the North East.

Creating value in society

The social return on investment (SROI) calculation shows that every £1 invested into Tyne’s Supported Housing creates £2.38 in social value.

Building Resilience

71% of supported housing residents report they now feel they have the skills to move towards independent living by themselves or with a little help.

Healthier Lifestyles

Almost all supported housing residents are registered with a local GP and 83% of those that have been identified as needing mental health support are now registered with services.

Financial Stability

An average increase of £4,000 in personal welfare payments is achieved per year for residents who are helped to claim the benefits to which they are eligible.

Download our latest impact report to read more about the value our supported housing projects add to our communities and the impact they have on the lives of those who live with us.