A flexible approach to learning

Whether it’s getting back into the classroom, learning to manage your tenancy, creative cookery or life on the farm, we’re passionate about providing people with learning, training and development opportunities that work for them. We offer a range of activities, courses and accredited training sessions ran by both our specialist staff team and our partners.

Supporting small steps that lead to bigger transformations

At Tyne, we focus on people’s strengths, their passions and interests. We know that by working with people on an individual level, understanding their hopes and meeting them where they are, we’re able to take the steps needed together in order to move people on towards volunteering, employment and independent living.

Work with us

We’re always looking for partner agencies and organisations to work alongside us in order to broaden our offer of learning and training opportunities to those we support. If you’d like to find out or set up a chat get in touch today

Housing Employment Network North East (HENNE)

HENNE is made up of 13 housing providers with deep roots in communities across the North East and aims to build on this collective knowledge and experience of delivering a wide range of employability programmes and specialist provisions for those furthest from the employment market.

The Progression Hub

Our Progression Hub was developed toward the end of 2019 to provide a flexible engagement space that’s easily accessible to those we support. Working alongside a whole host of partners we’re aiming to provide a joined-up approach to engagement and wellbeing in a safe, welcoming space.

Skills Training

Skills Training has always played a part in our work here at Tyne. Our wood workshop first opened back in 1975 and today is still offering the opportunity to vulnerable groups from across Tyneside to come along and develop their skills in a hands-on practical environment.

Ouseburn Farm

Ouseburn Farm is a place for growing. It’s a local charity based in the Ouseburn Valley that provides a free-to-enter visitor attraction for the local community. They also offer a training and volunteering facility for vulnerable adults to gain new skills, build confidence and make friends.

We are a catalyst for change, come join us.