Our Impact

We make a real, lasting impact

2023 saw the completion of our second intensive, independent social value study. Working alongside external partners, we set out to fully assess and understand the impact we make through our work.


Understanding our social value

The final report produced is two-fold, it evaluates the impact we make to the lives of the people we support, and it looks at the value we create for wider society through our work. The social return on investment (SROI) figures presented throughout the report were produced using a clear and validated methodology, ensuring that the final output had integrity and we’re able to utilise it as a tool to identify where the real need is and build a response to that, developing a clear action plan for future investment.

If you’d like to find our more about our work in assessing our impact get in touch.

Tyne services

The overall social return on investment for Tyne services is £2.80 for every £1 invested.

Joseph Cowen Centre

Every £1 invested into the Joseph Cowen Centre creates £13.04 in social value.

Byker Bridge House

Every £1 invested into Byker Bridge House creates £3.02 in social value.

Tyne’s Supported Housing

Every £1 invested into Tyne’s Supported Housing creates £2.19 in social value.


An assessment of the financial impact of Westbridge on the health service shows that there is an indicative saving to the NHS per patient from being accommodated at Westbridge of £209,060. Compared to residents remaining in a secure mental health unit.

Ouseburn Farm

Every £1 invested into the Farm’s Placement Programme creates £11.65 in social value.

“Our work is far-reaching and varied, we stand by and support people who many agencies struggle to engage with, focusing on building their strengths to help them take ownership of the challenges ahead. The unique range of services we provide means we’re constantly learning and evolving, ensuring we’re engaging with models and theories that truly work. The impact report produced this year is helping us to do just that, alongside providing us with the tools we need to measure our success going forward.”

Steve Mckinlay, CEO

Rooted in the North East

We’re focused on investing in our people and our communities to create more opportunity here in the North East.

Every £1

That comes into our organisation generates an additional 71p spending in the local economy.

£2.6 million

Our commitment to working with local staff and suppliers means that each year our work recycles an additional £2.6 million into the local economy.